Sorry, we're CLOSED

Sadly we are heading into another lockdown from 18th August 2021. As before at level 3 and 4 we are closed.
Anyone with a memberships will have their membership put on hold for the duration of the lockdown unless you chose to continue on line classes and/or borrow equipment for at home.
If you want to borrow equipment please text Joy (0212112118) with a wish list and we will arrange pick up.

We will keep you posted re on-line Pilates classes and other options to keep your body in shape. Check out our facebook page or our website for more regular information.

Stay safe everyone, follow the rules, get a vaccine and we will be back in the gym soon.

  • Sam Aley Pilates Instructor
  • Ball Pilates
  • Ball Pilates Pike

Pilates with Swiss Balls – Tuesdays at 10.20am

Our Tuesday Mat Pilates class is changing to focus on Pilates exercises using a Swiss Ball.

Please note: If you are unsure about using a swiss ball, all exercises also have a non ball based option.

If you love your Pilates but are looking for a change then this could be the lift you need. The Swiss ball is an aide to Pilates exercises and can bring you to a new range of movement. You are connecting your mind to your muscle movements, strengthening your core muscles and improving posture through slow controlled movements.

If you have a swiss ball please bring it along. As we have limited balls available bringing your own means you can be sure of having the correct size. If your ball has been sitting unused for a while we are happy to pump it up for you. As a basic guide you want your to be high enough that when you sit on it your knees are slightly lower than your hips.  (Ball sizes: 55cm Short; 65cm Average; 75cm Tall)

If you would like more information contact Joy or Sam –